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In an interview for the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes (cE3c-FCUL), Portugal, Mark Sutton (UK Centre f

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Sustainability, the Journal of Record, has published a special issue on institutional nitrogen footprints.

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iLEAPS 2017 Conference Registration NOW OPEN!

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Following the Kampala conference (N2013), the call for papers for ERL (Environmental Research Letters) has been extended. Final deadline for submission now will be July 31, 2014 – see (and note that the extended deadline may not yet have been updated).

INI’s global nitrogen scenarios by Winiwarter at al. (2013) (see have recently been taken up by the European Environment Agency for their assessment of global megatrends – update (see:

The Ministry of Science and Technology of China Founded a project entitled “Sources of reactive nitrogen in China and their impacts on air quality and climate change”
The kick-off meeting of a project entitled “Reactive nitrogen sources of China and their impacts on air quality and climate change” was held in Nanjing Normal University on 18 February, 2014. The project was founded by The Ministry of Science and Technology of China, with a total budget of 15 million RMB. The project was led by Prof. Zucong Cai, the previous direct of INI East Asia center.
Aiming at the “process, mechanism and influence of nitrogen cycle”, the project set up three themes:

  1. N use efficiencies in the N cascade and controlling factors of gaseous reactive N emission,
  2. Transport and transformation of gaseous reactive N and their impact on air quality, and
  3. Climatic effects of atmospheric reactive N

Researchers from Nanjing Normal University, China Agricultural University, Institute of Soil Science, Institute of Atmospheric Physics , and Institute of Urban Environment of Chinese Academy of Sciences are involved in the project.


As a main outcome of N2013 held in Kampala... More information


Abstract deadline for 18th Nitrogen workshop in Lisbon is January 15!

Please consider especially contributing to the theme “Food security challenges” and the WG3 on “Building a blueprint for food with less nitrogen”, which will be co-organized by INI-Europe.

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