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International Nitrogen Initiative

The International Nitrogen Initiative is dedicated to optimizing the use of nitrogen in food production, while minimizing the negative effects of nitrogen on human health and the environment as a result of food and energy production.


Among the many facets of the International Nitrogen Initiative are scientific assessment, development of solutions to solve a wide variety of nitrogen-related problems, and interactions with policymakers to implement these solutions.

14 Feb 2010 - Web Site Redesign: Request for Feedback

1 Feb 2010 - Postdoctoral N Position with EPA and WSU-Vancouver

Download flyer: INI to host side event at COP-15 in Copenhagen 7 Dec at 6 pm

Visit the N2010 web site: "Reactive Nitrogen: Management for Sustainable Development Science, Technology and Policy" 3-7 December 2010, New Delhi, India

Nov 16-19 2009, Edinburgh, UK - Workshop on N Deposition, Critical Loads and Biodiversity

May 28 2009 PRESS TELECONFERENCE World's Top Nitrogen Scientists Announce Global Effort to Track Nitrogen Impacts and Solutions (MP3 Recording Available)

January 5 2009 - RCN will hold "Denitrification in Managed Ecosystems" workshop May 12-14, 2009 in Rhode Island

May 15 2008 - Cheryl Palm replaces Jim Galloway as INI chair, and Reynaldo Victoria replaces Luiz Martinelli as director of the Latin American Regional Center

September 30 2007 - Download the Nitrogen Visualisation tool

May 26 2007 - Download Reactive Nitrogen in the Environment: Too Much or Too Little of a Good Thing (PDF), a joint UNEP-WHRC venture with significant input from the INI  >>

April 24 2007 - Download Human Alteration of the Nitrogen Cycle: Threats, Benefits, and Opportunities (PDF), a Joint UNESCO-SCOPE-INI Policy Brief  >>

August 12 2006 - Download the updated INI Brochure (PDF) The Issues of Nitrogen: Background, Problem, Challenges, Opportunities, Processes, Four Central Questions of Nitrogen Distribution >>

March 2006 Nitrogen Policy Workshop Prospectus, Participants, and Final report now available >>

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Visit our interactive Nitrogen Timeline to learn about important dates in humankind's discovery and use of Nitrogen >>

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